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Why NullaCoin

NullaCoin aims to be the most anonymous cryptocurrency ever!

Our Goal

NullaCoin hopes to revive the anonymity that is being lost due to blockchain auditing tools under development by many including government agencies. These tools track transactions through the blockchain rendering there anonymity virtually obsolete. We need to keep working on new and emergent technologies to stay ahead and evolve the blockchain to counter these tools. NullaCoin does not endorse illicit activity but there are times when personal privacy needs to prevail.
NullaCoin could provide better anonymity for your financial transactions. So anonymous, it's like it doesn't even exist.

Together, we can keep our tranactions anonymous.

The Project
The timeline above outlines the sequence of steps and their approximate schedule. It represents a macro level view of the entire project. There are of course many other smaller details that need to be addressed for the successful launch of any CryptoCurrency.
The Technology

The links listed below will help you develop a good knowledge base and help you make an informed decision about NullaCoin, other cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Block Chain 101 - A good explanation of the technology

Why Blockchain is here to stay

Wallets Explained

CryptoCurrency Exchanges



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The Fine Print

Our Disclaimer: As with any CryptoCurrency profits or losses can not be guaranteed, NullaCoin is no different. NullaCoin can make one promise, our profit is your loss. NullaCoin was named after the latin word "Nulla". It was chosen for a reason. Nulla is latin and Nulla Coin translates to No, None or Null coin. It is a nonexistant virtual currency. This website was created as a portfolio project and has no other real worth beyond that original purpose. In other words "It's not a real cryptoCoin!!!

Other Information

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